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Designing The Future

Since 2016, I have witnessed a trend in organizational strategy planning that has taken the focus on the customer to a new level. Journey mapping and touch-point evaluation have gained popularity as organizations strive to understand how their customers do, want, and need to interact with them. Why? It is the customer's experience that will make or break a business in the future. 

The concept of experience design is relatively new, but the techniques and frameworks being employed to undertake design efforts are not. Tried and true project management, process improvement, innovation, analytic, and other methodologies are being refocused on the new and exciting challenge of designing exceptional customer experiences. The problem is that these dozens of proven methodologies are used sporadically, in silos, and inconsistently leaving gaps in what could be an end-to-end model that evolves with the business and its customers. I created the OpenXD model out of necessity. I could not find an existing model that met my needs around experience design.

The OpenXD model brings the best of the best methodologies together to form a seamless end-to-end model for experience design. It can be used on as-needed basis, or as an ongoing program. The OpenXD model can also be scaled to use at the personal, individual level, as well.

Experiences are how we interact with the world. They inform our decisions, and help us grow and achieve our goals. No matter the experience or scale, the OpenXD model can help design or improve your future. Take charge of your future, today.



Experience Designer
Creator of the OpenXD Model

I am an Experience Designer, and a Program Manager for a health system based in Louisville, KY. I have 19 years of experience in project and program management in operational, consultative, and IT-related functions. I also have a strong background in process design and improvement, among other related disciplines. I've been a certified PMP since 2016, and  a certified Scaled Agilest since 2018. Outside of my professional life, I am the proud mother of three children, and the honored wife of former University of Louisville fullback, DJ Kamer.